TELUS Online Security offers comprehensive protection for your digital life, whether you’re shopping, streaming, working, or surfing. Discover four key reasons to choose TELUS.

Do you have a fence around your home, a safe for your important documents, or CCTV cameras to monitor your business? These measures give you peace of mind, knowing that your physical assets are safe. But what about your digital assets? As the world becomes increasingly digital, safeguarding your online transactions is just as important. With the rise in cyber threats like hacking, credit card fraud, identity theft, and data breaches, it’s crucial to protect your online presence. 

TELUS understands this need and offers a comprehensive online security solution to keep your digital life safe. Whether you’re shopping, streaming, working, learning, or just surfing the web, TELUS Online Security has you covered. Here are four reasons to consider this service:

1. TELUS Online Security Protection Across Multiple Devices

How long can you go without your smartphone, tablet, or laptop? Since the pandemic, these devices have become central to our lives. We work from home, market products and services, and even attend virtual meetings – all from our digital devices. But with this convenience comes increased risk.

TELUS Online Security helps protect all your devices from cyber threats. Depending on your needs, you can choose from three plans offering varying levels of protection. This flexibility means you can safeguard the devices that matter most to you, whether you’re using TELUS Internet at home. TELUS EPP customers have the option to bundle online security and save. 

2. TELUS Online Security Easy Reimbursement for Personal Expenses

Dealing with identity theft is stressful, both emotionally and financially. TELUS knows this and offers a personal expense reimbursement option to help you recover from a data breach. Depending on your plan, TELUS provides coverage for expenses incurred from identity theft, including legal fees and other related costs. This can range from $25,000 to $1 million, reducing the financial burden that identity theft can cause.

TELUS goes a step further by assigning you an Identity Restoration Specialist who will work with you until your identity is restored. This dedicated expert will guide you through the process and help resolve any issues that arise. With this level of support, you can focus on getting back to your life without constant worry.

3. Protect Your Private Information

Every time you browse social media or visit websites, you leave a digital trail. If you’re using public Wi-Fi, this risk increases significantly. Public Wi-Fi might be convenient and free, but it’s also a hotspot for hackers and identity thieves.

TELUS Online Security uses a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) to keep your data private and your identity anonymous when you’re online. This technology ensures that sensitive information like credit card numbers, passwords, and bank details remains confidential. With TELUS Online Security, you can browse with confidence, knowing your data is protected.

4. Dark Web Monitoring

The dark web is a haven for cybercriminals, where stolen personal and financial information is often traded. If you’re worried about your information being sold on the dark web, TELUS Online Security’s Dark Web Monitoring feature is invaluable. The service scans the dark web for your personal and financial information, alerting you if anything suspicious is found.

This proactive approach helps you stay ahead of potential threats, allowing you to take action before cybercriminals can misuse your data. With three different plans to choose from, TELUS gives you the flexibility to select the level of protection that suits your budget and security needs.

Final Thoughts

Your online security is just as important as the security measures you take for your home or business. By adopting a proactive approach to online safety, you can reduce the risk of cyber threats and protect yourself from identity theft and other forms of online fraud.

TELUS Online Security offers a comprehensive solution to keep you safe online. Don’t wait until you’re a victim of cybercrime—take steps to protect yourself now. Along with using TELUS Online Security, remember to set unique passwords, monitor your bank and credit card reports, and avoid clicking on suspicious links or emails.

For more information on TELUS Online Security, TELUS EPP, or TELUS Internet, contact your local 4L Communications store. Secure your digital life today.