TELUS Home Phone

TELUS Home Phone

Home Phone

Feel confident about your home phone connection. TELUS home phone serves your needs, whether you’re working from home or connecting with the loved ones.

Current TELUS Mobility or Koodo customer

Additional $10/month off for 24 months

Home Phone Lite


A basic plan to enjoy a reliable landline connection.

1 calling feature

Unlimited local calling
Call Control – Basic

Home Phone


An all-inclusive Home Phone package with 9 calling features.
Includes all 9 calling features
Unlimited local calling
Call Control – Basic

Home Phone Features

Call Forward

When you need to be away or want someone else to answer your calls, you can automatically forward incoming to the number you choose.

Smart Ring

If someone in the home wants to share the phone, you can add a second number to an existing individual line service. Then, a smart ring will let you know it’s the second line, by sounding a double or triple ring.

Call Reveal

Request UNKNOWN and PRIVATE callers unblock their numbers.


If there’s no answer or the phone is busy, you can forward those incoming calls to a personalized voice mailbox. Check your messages and return calls when it’s convenient to you.

3 Way Calling

This function is ideal for connecting with loved ones by letting you add a third person to an existing call.

Call Screen

Set this function to screen certain callers by sending pre-arranged numbers to a standard recording.

Call Waiting

Ideal if you don’t want to miss a call, allowing you to answer a second call if you’re already on the phone.

Call Return

This option makes it simple to get the number of the last incoming call, whether or not you answered the phone.

Call Display

This feature allows you to see the name and number of incoming callers before answering.

Home Phone Call Control

The increasing number of robo-calls is frustrating for everyone. Use the Call Control feature to limit unsolicited calls. This requires callers to enter a specific number on the keypad, thus proving they are a person and not a machine or robot.

How it works

Turn on Call Control and anyone who phones you will hear a recording requesting that they enter a number using their keypad. Your legitimate calls can easily get through, but robo-calls won’t be connected.

You can also add specific phone numbers to an accepted callers list. That means your trusted friends and family can skip Call Control when they phone. If you want, you can also add numbers, including robo-callers, to a blocked list to prevent them from phoning you.

Call Control – Basic
Call Control – Premium