Among the circles of high-end mobile gaming globally, the iPhone is one of the most preferred devices because it has high-quality 3D graphics and sound. Another key factor is its long-lasting battery, allowing gamers to have longer uninterrupted fun.

The iPhone has always been relied on for superior image display, improved quality storage, and high-speed processors such as the A15 chip of the iPhone 13. What is even more captivating about it is the launch of the Apple Arcade Exclusive. This introduces the gamer to a wide variety of premium games on their mobile iOS.

Here is a selection of some mobile games that you can really enjoy playing on your TELUS Phones:

Death Road Trip to Canada

This game belongs to the genre of action-adventure that has been generated by RPG and can support single and multiplayer modes. The goal is to survive a zombie apocalypse while on a road trip from Florida to Canada.

The game allows you to design your own characters as you progress with your journey. The game is a blend of sudden cruel death, satisfying victories, and humor. The satisfaction of playing this game does not only come from plowing through the zombies and reaching your destination but also from the actual game experiences.

Pokemon Go

This is the largest game on iOS that is location-based. The player needs to capture a pokemon with a Pokeball. The pokemon will then be utilized to battle other pokemon in gyms. These gyms are real-time locations that players must visit to collect supplies or engage in battles with other players or pokemon.

Among Us

This online game gained popularity in 2020 but was first released in 2018. It was designed by Marcus Bromander, who is among the founders of Innersloth. This is a teamwork game plan where the game players have to work together to fish out the villain or a possible impostor. It’s an excellent game for those who intend to improve their logical and socializing skills.

Clash Royale

This real-time strategy game was launched on iOS in January 2016 in eight countries but has now risen to become one of the most prominent electronic sports. The game’s objective is to destroy the tower of your enemy while defending yours.

This famous multiplayer game can be played exceptionally well on iPhones and was developed by super cells. The game has, over the years, generated the highest spending players.


PUBG is short for Players Unknown Battleground. It was released on iOS in 2018, and its mobile version is among the most played video games of all time. At the beginning of each game is when players parachute to a given location on the map.

For the players to gain an edge, they need to pick a strategic time to eject from the aircraft. The players need to find weapons and vehicles to give them better chances than the enemy. As the game progresses, the safe zone decreases with time, resulting in intense fighting that allows a winner to emerge.

The game can either be played in the first person or third person perspective according to the player’s preferences.

The Escapists: Prison Escape

In this game, you must find a way to escape from prison. You are allowed to go about the prison collecting and crafting items as you go about it. You can also take up assignments from other inmates to level up your character. Once you get out, it is another prison. Be careful not to get caught because your work will be for nothing, and you will have to start all over.