If you plan to purchase an iPhone from TELUS, iPhone 12 series is recommended. This is a great phone if you enjoy playing mobile games. That is because there are many good games that you can play from this device. Continue reading to know the 7 best games that you should download on your iPhone 12.

There are many wide features that comes into play you can download that make
TELUS Phones extremely useful for daily business activities

  • Brawl Star

Are you a fan of Clash Royale, Clash of Clan, and Boom Beach? Then, you will enjoy Brawl Star because they are all from the same developer. This shooting game is ideal for iPhone 12 Pro Max because the gaming experience is better because of its widescreen. You will be playing with other players in a battle arena. What you need to do is to kill many players, get new characters, and learn skills.

  • Pokemon Go

The long battery life of the iPhone 12 Pro will be handy when you play this Pokemon game. This game is different from other Pokemon games because you go outdoors and develop your skills in becoming a Pokemon trainer. Aside from discovering different Pokemons, you get to complete missions and have new friends from the game.

  • Subway Surfers 

If you liked playing Temple Run, then you will have fun with Subway surfers. Both are endless running games. The goal is easy. You run on the subway, avoid getting hit by cars and obstacles, and get as many coins as you can. It is recommended to play this game on an iPhone 12 mini because of its compact size. Therefore, you can control your character’s movement more easily.

  • Call of Duty: Mobile

You can now download Call of Duty on your TELUS Apple iphone12. You can best experience the excitement of this first-person shooter game on an iPhone 12 Pro Max phone. It is worth downloading because each month since the mobile game version was launched, it has gained 1 billion hours of playing time. Moreover, more and more players have been playing it since its launch. Tencent Games and TiMi Studios, the developers of this game, are consistent in updating the gameplay so that it will be all the more thrilling for everyone.

  • Ink Inc. 

If you have an iPhone 12 Pro and you want to try your hand at being a tattoo artist, you will not regret downloading this game. The tattoo simulation game lets you experience having a tattoo business and your goal is to expand it. Compared to other games in this list, it is not as exciting. Nonetheless, you can still have fun. Playing the game is easy but it can get you hooked for hours. Simple mechanics and a unique game theme make this interesting. Even if you are not into tattoos, you can have a great time playing them.

  • Genshin Impact

This action game is great for iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro users. Because Genshin Impact involves exploring an open world for the gameplay, you can unlock a lot of characters and discover magical abilities and powers. It is similar to Zelda. You will not likely get bored because they have regular updates on the game. The things you can do in the game will amaze you. What is best of all? This game is for free.

  • Grindstone

Are you a fan of RPG and puzzle games? Grindstone is worth downloading on your iPhone 12 mini. You play the game as a barbarian character which is provided to you. You need to get to the exit and win against many monsters as you go along. You get rainbow gems and better attack power when you defeat monsters.


Finally, you know some of the best games you can play on your iPhone from TELUS. iPhone devices are great for these games as they give you a better gaming experience with quick response and quality resolution. There is no doubt that you will have a grand time playing all of these games.