Are you looking for an effective business solution for managing your company assets? If so, then TELUS Fleet Complete is a highly recommended solution.

TELUS Fleet Complete

The TELUS Fleet Complete solution is designed to help you keep track of all your company vehicles and other important business assets within a solitary cloud-based program.

GPS tracking with TELUS Fleet Complete allows you to monitor all your tracked assets and employee activities as they are happening. TELUS Fleet complete is not only an effective way to reduce unnecessary expenses, but it also can help improve customer relations.

Fleet management helps increase client satisfaction by providing accurate delivery or service arrival times, and updates that may result from unforeseen circumstances.

TELUS Fleet Complete Services

There are several services that are included in the TELUS Fleet Complete package.

Some of these services that can help improve business operations are:

  • TELUS Asset Tracker
  • TELUS Fleet Complete HoS
  • TELUS Fleet Tracker
  • TELUS Fleet Solution from Intact Insurance

TELUS Asset Tracker

This is valuable for businesses that are looking for an efficient way to keep track of the different assets associated with the company. For example, if your business involves a lot of heavy machinery or construction equipment that you want to be able to keep a close eye on, then the Asset Tracker would be very helpful.

It works by placing an asset tracking device on whatever it is that you want to monitor. This device will then send an instant alert any time that asset is moved. That makes it perfect for locating lost or stolen items. 

Plus, the device battery-powered and can last for up to 3 years with a single charge, so you don’t have to worry about the battery dying as you are tracking your asset.

TELUS Fleet Complete HoS 

It is important for business success to be able to monitor your assets, but it is also very helpful to be able to monitor your employees.

Employee inefficiency can be a hefty expense for some companies. If workers are constantly taking excessive personal time and exhibiting inappropriate driving behavior, these things can really escalate company costs. 

Fleet Complete HoS will automatically log all driving hours electronically. This can help calculate which drivers are available when, and that they are using the most efficient routes.

TELUS Fleet Tracker

For any business with multiple work vehicles, the TELUS Fleet Tracker is the optimal fleet management solution. 

The Fleet Tracker shows you where all of your vehicles are headed, and how fast they are going. This feature collects important data about each vehicle to help keep expenses at a minimum while boosting productivity.

TELUS Fleet Solution from Intact Insurance

This feature helps drivers practice good driving habits on the road to improve fuel economy and take advantage of insurance benefits.

Some of the driving behaviours this program will encourage drivers to avoid are:

  • Abrupt braking
  • Needless acceleration
  • Speeding

Why TELUS Fleet Complete to help grow your business?

There are many good reasons to manage your business with TELUS Fleet Complete.

Some of these advantages are:

  • Cutting unnecessary costs
  • Accurate records
  • Increase profit

Cutting Costs

TELUS Fleet Complete is a tremendous cost-cutting tool. By collecting usage data on your vehicles as well as your employees, it is easier to see where unnecessary costs are coming from.

Accurate Records

Detailed records will always be available for when employees arrived and exited the job site, as well as travel details traveling to and from that site.

Increase Profit

All this data available to you about your business operations makes it more feasible for reducing expenses, while increasing output and therefore profits.

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