Work from home setup has been widely implemented now that we are in the era of digital prevalence. However, this setup has also made efficient and effective communication more urgent.

Luckily, solid connection and communication between employees can be maintained despite having a digital barrier thanks to the advancement of technology. It will ensure the company’s success despite the constant change in the industry.

TELUS Business Connect: What is it?

TELUS Business Connect is one of the latest systems that upgrade your experience in getting in touch with your clients and team whenever and wherever. It provides audio, voice, image, video, and fax communication tools that you can utilize to ensure that you have access to communicating with people that you need to reach, anytime and anywhere.

Behind TELUS Business Connect

TELUS Business Connect utilizes the VoIP technology or the Voice over Internet Protocol. It changes the analog phone system into compatible data in which device the other person uses.

It makes calls and engaging in multimedia communications possible over the internet. A VoIP phone system ensures that communication between employees and clients is possible and multifaceted, as long as there’s an internet connection.

Pros of VoIP Phone System:

  • Call quality is improved
  • Security measures are improved
  • Operating costs are lower
  • Video and Audio conferences are user-friendly
  • A wider array of features
  • Easy installation
  • Easy to maintain and modify

TELUS Business Connect: Advantages

With both Business Connect and VoIP technology integrated into your business phone, a wide range of benefits can be achieved where the VoIP cannot give alone. An improved communication efficacy is expected once you use Business Connect in your company’s daily system. Employees will no longer have to suffer and stress out about not being able to reach someone important.

The problem of ineffective time management is also one of the main reasons why you need to utilize Business Connect in your phone system. After all, you only need the right tool to transform and solve your problems.

Here are four advantages:

  • Cost-effective

Cost-effectiveness is the most-sought after aspect of any business. Having a VoIP phone system integrated will certainly bring improvement to any business. Any added improvements, in turn, can lead to more profits in the long run.

The reduction of cost for implementation, maintenance, and enhancement is preferred in contrast to other available phone systems.

Furthermore, it can serve as a good investment in the long run for businesses. Another feature of Business Connect with VoIP is that it is centralized. The company can eliminate the redundant allocation of resources to communication strategies that don’t yield much success.

  • Productivity

Less disruption means more productivity. Utilizing Business Connect and VoIP technology lessens phone system disruptions. Therefore there are more economical hours of work for employees. They will also be able to focus more on calls and tasks that require attention since they no longer need to worry about managing calls.

With the use of the system, calls will be automatically sent to an available device so no calls are overlooked. In line with this, employees would also be able to set their priorities and delegate their attention depending on the customer’s correspondence.

  • Convenience

No phone calls will be left unnoticed because of the automatic feature of Business Connect in fielding calls and redirecting it to available and open devices therefore, employees and clients don’t have anything to worry about. In addition, proper communication will make employees more engaged which will help in improving client’s satisfaction.

Furthermore, the whole innovation may also boost both growth and morale in delivering vital information and key points to all their different stakeholders and clients.

  • Universal

TELUS Business Connect runs on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and landline phones. It means that you don’t need to buy special phones anymore. The flexibility of the devices ensures that effective communication will always be present.

TELUS Business Connect is a powerful, simple to use, cost effective collaboration platform for small and medium sized businesses.