The emergence of tablet devices has greatly improved the way business owners and managers run their businesses. Apple’s iPad has become a favorite among professional and commercial users among the many models available.

Many of us have been using the iconic iPad for many years, but we often limit the use of the device only for entertainment or educational purposes. In the sections below, you will see how the iPad can be very beneficial for business purposes when armed with the right accessories and apps.

Must-Try iPad Accessories for Business

The key to transforming an iPad into a business tool is to equip it with the right gadgets. This section will share some accessories and apps to make it even more beneficial to your business performance and efficiency.

Apple Smart Folio Keyboard

A wireless keyboard is a must-have gadget for a business iPad. And, the great thing about Apple Smart Folio Keyboard is that it also doubles as a case. While there are many other keyboard models on the market, this one is so far the greatest because it can connect immediately and does not need any charging.

Apple Smart Folio Case

If you only need an iPad to make business calls and don’t do a lot of writing, then you might need a wireless keyboard. So, when this is the case, an Apple Smart Folio Case is probably the better option for you. This iPad case is stylish and lightweight enough to carry around, yet it is durable enough to give the device protection.

Apple Pencil

If you love to make illustrations and sketches, an Apple Pencil is exactly the gadget you need because it allows you to get the sensation of using a regular pen on your iPad device. Even if drawing is not your forte, this gadget can still be beneficial because it has several clever gesture functionalities.

POS System for Small Business

If you run a retail or food small business, then you should consider adding a POS system to your commercial arsenal. This kind of iPad addition makes processing transactions much simpler and it will also allow you to monitor business performance with ease. Overall, it is a must-have for every small and medium business owner.

Must-Have iPad Business Applications

Big companies have been using iPad applications to streamline their processes, allowing them to cut down on wasted working time and earning them more profit. As a business owner, you will want to make them an example and do the same thing to improve your business procedures by downloading the applications below on your iPad.

Microsoft Office Mobile

This one is Microsoft’s mobile version of its Office Suite that allows users to create and edit documents. Moreover, the app also enables users to collaborate together on a document.


Mobile has also created a mobile-friendly cloud storage system called OneDrive. Using this tool, you can safely and instantly store important files and share them with other users.


Slack is a versatile platform that allows users to communicate with other team members and do virtual meetings. You can also create different channels based on different topics.


While it is not commonly known by the general public, Trello has become a favored project management tool for professionals. You can simply assign different tasks to team members and monitor how your projects develop.


Carrying around a laptop to save contacts and business card details is surely not the most convenient thing to do, right? Luckily, CamCard allows you to do so using your iPad, making it a great tool to have if you work in a field where card exchange is still common.


Lastly, you should equip your iPad with DocuSign, a tool that lets you sign documents digitally wherever you are.

The Takeaway

The TELUS Apple iPad can surely be a great way to improve efficiency in a business setting. Besides its clever user experience, its versatility and adaptability also make the tablet device a great addition to any workplace that will make commercial processes more effective and faster.

While it may never make you forget your desktop computer completely, you can take it with you anywhere, allowing you to work on the go. On top of that, the Apple tablet also allows you to enjoy streaming videos and play entertaining games during your hectic schedule, keeping your mind fresh all day long.

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