Mobile Internet is changing the face of business in North America. Business owners looking to increase efficiency and productivity have made the switch to mobile internet with impressive results.

Mobile internet is useful for businesses and individual consumers that travel or require a fast internet connection at home or office. 

How could the mobile internet be useful for you?

Whether you are the owner of a business looking to boost employee productivity or a personal user that likes to stay connected,  there are mobile internet services custom designed for your needs.

A great solution provider for people interested in mobile internet in Manitoba, Alberta and Saskatchewan is 4L Communications.

4L Communications

4L Communications is an authorized TELUS dealer with 20 convenient locations.  The team at 4L Communication can offer expert advice and effective customer service for anyone interested in TELUS products and services.

One of the exceptional services offered at 4L Communication is TELUS Mobile Internet.

TELUS Mobile Internet

There are abundant reasons why TELUS mobile internet has become such a popular service for businesses and individuals nationwide.

One of the biggest reasons is that people are more mobile for both work and play. TELUS mobile internet helps you stay connected to whatever you are doing from virtually any location.

Getting started on the award-winning TELUS 5G network is quite simple. The first step is choosing the right device for you.

Choose a TELUS Mobile Internet Device

There are two main types of devices to select from when getting set up with TELUS mobile internet.

The products to choose from include:

  • Mobile Hotspot
  • TELUS Smart Hub

Mobile Hotspot – 5G MiFi M2000

MiFi 2000 supports fast 5G speeds and allows multiple users to connect simultaneously from any WiFi enabled device.

Features of a Mobile Hotspot include:

  • Download speeds up to 2.7 Gbps1 with remarkably fast 4G LTE fallback for extended coverage. Connect to 5G Wi-Fi on the go. 
  • Wi-Fi 6 is here, and it offers up to 40% faster Wi-Fi speeds, up to 4x increase in data throughput per user, and the capability to connect up to 30 devices at a time.
  • The all-day 3500 mAh battery keeps you up and running all day, and recharges quickly thanks to Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ technology.
  • Protect your data with enterprise grade encryption for hacker prevention, password protection, guest Wi-Fi network, and more.

TELUS Smart Hub

The TELUS ZTE Connect Hub 5G is the mightiest and most versatile device for your mobile internet connection.

A few of the key components include:

  • TELUS Smart Hub delivers internet service with minimum lag time, 360° of reliable, high-speed Wi-Fi cove
  • Fast and reliable 3.4 Gbps* average download speeds
  • The new 5G-enabled omnidirectional antenna gives you a 360° dual-band Wi-Fi coverage area that connects up to 30 Wi-Fi devices to 5G internet speeds. 
  • Plus, it includes 5G to 3G multi-mode support with smart antenna technology that independently selects the strongest signal.
  • Great for large group projects with collaborators in different locations

Choose a TELUS Mobile Internet Plan

Once you have selected your device or are using an existing TELUS device, the next step is to choose your plan.

There are several plans to choose from, depending on how many devices you wish to support, your expected data usage and your budget.

Benefits of TELUS Mobile Internet

There are a multitude of advantages to be gained by using TELUS Mobile Internet service.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Productivity
  • Flexibility
  • Coverage
  • Support


TELUS Mobile Internet can boost individual or company productivity in many ways. Some of the elements that contribute to increased productivity are:

  • Higher connection speeds
  • Mobility – can work from anywhere
  • Easily collaborate with others
  • Never miss important messages


Stay connected from almost anywhere in Canada, from any WiFi enabled device, including laptops, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, phone systems, or even kiosks.


The coverage you get when using TELUS mobile internet is the same coverage you get from the cellular network you use for your smartphone.

This allows you to stay connected in remote locations where regular internet connection is tenuous at best.


Get full customer and technical support for any questions or concerns you may have about your service.

You can contact 4L Communication at any of their 20 stores in Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan or visit the online store.