With a powerful chipset and long battery life, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Series will ensure users will get exceptional functionality and long run times with this smartphone set. The improvements to the cameras on all the models in the lineup provide the ability to capture professional-grade images and video with some brand new features. The S21 series lineup consists of the standard Samsung Galaxy S21 device, along with the Galaxy S21+ and the Galaxy S21 Ultra. In the past there hasn’t been too much difference between the models within a new smartphone series release, but in this case the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the prize of the pack for the most serious users.

Special Features of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

For the ultimate in camera performance and versatility, the Galaxy S21 Ultra has the best package to offer the discerning user.

Get 100x Zoom With Dual Telephoto Cameras

Previously offered with the Samsung Galaxy S20 series, the 100x Zoom option may not have been fully ready for action given the 4x telephoto set up. Upgraded to a 10x periscope camera, the Galaxy S21 Ultra delivers crisper long range images and much improved zoom capability.

Zoom Lock & Space Zoom

Using AI technology to add a slight delay while the camera is in motion, Zoom Lock ensures panning is smooth and steady. It also provides tripod-like stabilization for betting image control. Take photos within a very long focal range with superior quality and the ability to pan and focus with AI-backed stabilization.

Ultra High Resolution

The Quick Crop feature provides the capacity to easily crop high-resolution photos without losing any detail. The Galaxy S21 Ultra’s high-resolution camera uses a 108MP sensor with advanced remosaic processing to provide images with more colour clarity, accuracy, and balance.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Series Camera Specs & Upgrades for All Devices

Professional-grade photos and videos are a possible reality with all the Galaxy S21 devices. Even though the Galaxy 21 Ultra is still the highest offering, all the models have received significant camera upgrades.

Higher Quality Images in Low-Light Areas

Capture clear and crisp photos at night or in low-light conditions without the worry of dark or grainy images with the Bright Night feature. Bright Night uses AI technology to automatically adjust in poor lighting with automated multi-frame processing. This works for both photos and video to enhance details in low-lit environments and dark settings.

Video Improvements

Improved video recording functionality is included with some upgraded new features offered by the Samsung Galaxy S21 series.

  • Unlimited video recording allows users to record as long as needed without constraints
  • Prevent blur while recording video in motion with Cinema-Grade 8K Video Recording
  • Quickly and easily change between mics with Multi-Mic Recording
  • Vlogger View with dual-recording capacity
    • Use front and rear cameras at the same time to capture the videographers response or other perspectives
  • Director’s View uses multiple cameras from different perspectives
    • Alternate between camera views without pausing or stopping

Take a Sequence of Photos with Single Take 2.0

Single Take 2.0 allows users to snap off a series of photos in a 10-second video clip. The feature has been upgraded to offer more frames per second in slow-motion with incredible detail and heightened effects.

More Realistic Selfies

Using AI Restoration techniques and Studio-level Lighting enhancements, the Authentic Selfie feature enriches the natural look of your selfies. Get rid of flaws, imperfections, and blurring while keeping natural skin tones and image consistency.

Samsung Galaxy Series Available with TELUS

Choose from the entire range of Galaxy S21 smartphones with TELUS and get a service plan to meet your requirements. In addition to the amazing camera upgrades, there are several other features that have been added to the Samsung Galaxy S21 lineup.

Take advantage of these excellent smartphone features offered at TELUS:

  • Improved Durability
    • Dynamic AMOLED 2X Display
    • Corning Gorilla Glass protection
  • Faster Speeds
    • Android 11 OS with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chip
    • 128GB and 256GB storage options, 8GB of RAM
  • Enhanced Connectivity
    • 5G network compatibility
  • Longer Battery Life
    • Li-Ion 4000-4800 mAh battery capacity
    • Fast wireless charging capability
  • Greater Functionality
    • Floating notifications & improved search
    • Full HD+ resolution
    • S Pen (S21 Ultra)