This is especially true with the increasing reliance on the internet.  We now get in touch with our loved ones, shop online, and stream entertainment behind our computers and other devices. However, this has contributed to the growth of cybercriminal activity. Fortunately, TELUS Online Security can help you stay safe online at home and outside your home. This tool provides all-in-one protection to keep you safe at all times during your online activities.

Read on to learn how TELUS Online Security offers protection for our digital lives.

1. TELUS Online Security Secure Your Private Information

There is so much you can do online, whether to download your favorite app, subscribe to a loyalty program, or browse through various websites. Unfortunately, these activities can make you more vulnerable to cybercriminal activity and put your digital life at risk.

For this reason, it is essential to be cautious when sharing your private information online.

Fortunately, the Norton Secure VPN, included in TELUS Online Security, can help protect your private information. This VPN can help you browse anonymously and undertake other online activities without worrying about online threats.

It can protect all your data from hackers and cybercriminals who may want to track your online activity. A secure VPN can also protect your private information online, including passwords, credit card numbers, and bank details.

2. TELUS Online Security Protects Your Devices from Threats

Other than securing your online privacy, TELUS Online Security can also protect your devices. It offers real-time device protection for devices like smartphones, tablets, PCs, and Macs against online threats like viruses, ransomware, malware, and spyware.

It can also protect your private information and block suspicious traffic to have peace when you go online. Therefore, you can make more video calls, stream your favorite entertainment, and do more shopping online securely.

3. Dark Web Monitoring

With the rise of cybercriminal activities, there is a high likelihood of our identity being stolen. Cybercriminals can track and monitor your private information on the dark web. This internet layer cannot be accessed by search engines and only needs special software to access it.

Hence, hackers can steal your identity use your private information for malicious purposes, and remain anonymous and untraceable. This can be detrimental when you have not protected yourself enough. Worse still, they can sell your information on the dark web without your knowledge.

This is where the Dark Web Monitoring feature from TELUS Online Security comes in. This feature searches the dark web for your information and will notify you if it finds anything relevant. What’s more, you will get recommendations on securing and protecting your personal information that is already exposed on the dark web.

4. Personal Expense Reimbursement

The aftermath of identity theft can greatly impact your daily life. It can be quite devastating when you realize an unauthorized activity on your bank statement or credit card. TELUS Online Security can help restore your identity after identity theft.

In case of this unfortunate event, you will be assigned an Identity Restoration Specialist to guide you through the process of identity restoration. What’s more, TELUS Online Security provides Identity Theft Reimbursement Coverage that covers the lawyer’s fees and theft-related expenses.

Of course, this coverage will depend on the limit of your plan. Nevertheless, the maximum coverage is between $25,000 and $1 million. On the same note, you will get credit scores and reports from a top credit bureau to allow you to monitor any suspicious activity with ease.


Our lives are becoming increasingly connected online, all thanks to advancements in technology. The internet is a hub for useful information that we can use for entertainment, education, or business purposes. However, this leaves a lot of our personal information in the hands of criminals, who are out phishing for sensitive information that they can use to undertake malicious activities.

Luckily, you don’t have to be a victim of a cyber threat to take cybersecurity measures. TELUS Online Security provides the ultimate protection so you can stay safe both online and at home. Whether you want to protect your private information, and your device, or keep an eye on activities that lead to identity theft, TELUS Online Security has you covered.

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