Vehicle tracking and management is a top priority for many businesses with multiple company vehicles in various industries. A GPS tracking system is not only ideal for keeping vehicles safe and secure; it is also helpful for improving efficiency and cutting unnecessary expenses.

Poor driving habits can surprisingly affect vehicle wear and tear, fuel costs, and increased risk of accidents. GPS tracking allows you to keep detailed records of driver behaviours, vehicle health, and routes being taken in real time to maximize productivity and optimize vehicle resources.

Impressive Benefits of GPS Tracking for Business

There are all kinds of compelling reasons to use a GPS system to manage your fleet of vehicles. Some of the greatest advantages may include:

  • Reduced Fuel Costs
  • Route Optimization
  • Increased driver compliance
  • Improved safety and security
  • Timely maintenance
  • Accurate job assignment
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Better customer service
  • Increased profits

Reduced Fuel Costs

It may be shocking to find out how erratic and irresponsible driving behaviour can impact fuel expenses. Rapid acceleration and abrupt stops are terrible for fuel economy and wear on brakes and tires. Speeding is also a huge drain on fuel. For instance, going 20 km over the speed limit can increase fuel consumption by 20%. 

Taking sharp turns or turning the steering wheel when stationary can result in uneven wear on tires, bringing about the need to replace the whole set much sooner than necessary. Excessive idling is also a huge waste of fuel, especially for large trucks that are also blasting the air conditioner or heater while in park.

Route Optimization

Advanced route mapping helps determine the most efficient route to the destination. GPS systems offer step by step route planning to help ensure drivers don’t get lost or sidetracked. GPS tracking also works in real time to inform drivers about unexpected road construction, or heavy traffic blockages due to major accidents. This all contributes to improved route efficiency and better customer service.

Driver Compliance

You never want to believe the worst about your employees, but unauthorized breaks, stops, or detours can eat into profits, delay delivery times, and result in jobs not getting started on time. GPS tracking helps ensure drivers reach their destinations safely and punctually. 

Safety and Security

GPS tracking systems not only enhance safety and security for your vehicles, but also for your drivers. It can significantly reduce theft and losses of misplaced assets. Stolen vehicles or other assets with a tracking device installed will provide instant alerts regarding unauthorized use. Tracking devices also work as a deterrent, discouraging potential thieves when they know the vehicle can be easily tracked.

Drivers also tend to practice more responsible driving habits when they know they are being monitored.


Take the guesswork out of vehicle maintenance with GPS Fleet Management. The system keeps track of a variety of details about vehicular health and status. Alerts will be sent when a vehicle is due for routine maintenance to help enhance the life and performance of the vehicle.

Job Assignment

GPS tracking systems also help with the organization and management of resources. By knowing where vehicles are at all times, it can help to assign the right vehicle to the job. Detailed logs are also kept of employee hours to know which drivers are available and which ones have just finished putting in long shifts. When spontaneous jobs pop up, it is easy to see which vehicle is in the position to provide efficient service, to keep clients and customers happy.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Most insurance companies acknowledge the tremendous benefits of GPS tracking for fleet management and support the installation in vehicles. GPS tracking systems installed in business vehicles will generally contribute to reducing monthly insurance premiums from 10 to 30%.

Better Customer Service

Improved efficiency and real time monitoring of vehicles makes it easy to keep customers up to date with accurate delivery or arrival times. The system is also useful for notifying customers when unexpected obstacles or complications arise, to provide updated projections.

Increased Profits

In the end, all these impressive benefits result in increased profits and a better bottom line for your business. Improved route efficiency, decreased fuel and repair costs, and more responsible driving habits all promote enhanced security and productivity for your business.

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