Do you have a fence around your home or business, a safe for your documents, and CCTV for additional home security? If you feel the urge to safeguard your physical assets, why don’t you have the same need to protect your online transactions? 

Online information, too, needs care and attention to prevent unauthorized access, especially now that the world is going digital in every aspect. As we continue to embrace digital tools, there has been a surge in cases of hacking, cyber fraud, scams, credit card fraud, theft, etc. So, how can you keep your data safe? TELUS is here to give you the answer!

It offers a one-stop security solution option that will make online access safer in a lot of ways. Whether it is shopping, streaming, working, learning, or watching online entertainment, its online security service will ensure your data remains safe. 

Here are four reasons to use this service:

1. Protects Numerous Devices

How long can you stay without your TELUS phone, iPad, tablet, or laptop? Digital devices have become a necessity, especially since the pandemic. Now, people work from home through their laptops, market their products or services through their tablets, and even attend video meetings through their devices. 

Unfortunately, this has increased the risk of cybercrimes, and most people wait until it is too late to secure their transactions. You can rely on this company for the security of your various devices. You can choose from three plans depending on your device and your online security requirements.

2. Easy Reimbursement of Personal Expenses

It is hard to recover from a case of identity theft. Being in the online security business, TELUS understands this. Hence, they offer a personal expense reimbursement option, coverage that will cater to any expense you incur from a data breach.

Additionally, they offer to cover the lawyer fee and any relevant expert fees depending on the plan you subscribe to. Therefore, you get coverage of between $25,000 to $1 million, which can take a lot of financial burden off your shoulders. 

It gets better, though. You also get to work with an Identity Restoration Specialist who will work on your case. They are knowledgeable, experienced and will work with you until you recover the stolen identity. This is a thoughtful offer, one which will keep your mind at ease.

3. Keep Your Private Information Protected

Did you know that whenever you browse social media and visit websites, you leave some traces of personal information? It gets worse when you use public Wi-Fi. Yes, public WIFI is a lifesaver, it is cheap and convenient, but it often exposes you to hackers and could easily make you a target of identity theft.

Using TELUS ensures your private information remains protected. It uses a secure VPN- A virtual private network- which keeps you anonymous when connected to the internet. Therefore, your sensitive information, like credit card numbers, passwords, and bank details, remains undisclosed. 

4. Monitor The Dark Web

If you are a frequent dark web user, you will appreciate the tool’s Dark Web Monitoring feature. You can use the tool to search the dark web without any security concerns. The app will check whether your personal or financial details are available on the web. 

If it notices something wrong, you will get a notification. Thus, you can prevent cybercriminals from accessing and using your information for malicious activities. This company has three plans for you to choose from depending on your budget, security needs, and device.

Take Away

You should take your online security similarly to how you take care of your personal items and home security. It is essential to take precautions to reduce threats when online. Why wait until you become a victim of cyber theft and other online fraud to become proactive about cybersecurity? 

TELUS online security will keep you safe continuously, and you can continue browsing conveniently and safely. Additionally, do not forget to always set unique passwords, monitor your bank and credit card reports, and avoid clicking on suspicious links and emails.

For more information on online security for personal, business and TELUS EPP, contact the 4L Communications store near you.